Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm so sappy I could be a pine tree

So much for keep this a weekly blog, huh? Over a month has gone by and not a word from good ol' Dave. Part of the reason is my laptop is a dirty stinking mound of monkey jizz and doesn't like to load blogger. The other part is shear laziness. It's a chronic problem of mine, where when it comes down to sitting down and writing, I choose to veg out in front of the TV or furiously masturbate. Whatever it takes to prevent my mind from putting words and sentences together. I've got enough ideas, just lack the discipline. I suppose every so often I do break through my dullness and write something. What follows is a "poem" I wrote when I was attending college at the College of Charleston, SC. I had just started therapy and was feeling pretty raw emotionally. Since I'm looking for fodder to post, I guess I might as well dip into stuff I've already written. *note I did make some changes to some of the more sappy "emo" lines.


Hello, how are you doing mother?
I hope I find you well.
I suppose all is as it should be
on my side of the world
oh so far away
hidden in the woods.
The trees are so tall mother.
I fear I've lost my way.
Shadows find their way around me
and i've grown cold.
So cold, it hurts to move.
The sky is dark and clouds
hide the stars
leaving me
alone with my thoughts.
Mother, can you hear me calling,
shouting into the night,
screaming at the demons
to leave me be
to let me rest
to let me drift.
Hold me close Mother,
I'm afraid to be a man.
I'm afraid to look in the mirror.
I'm afraid all this is real.
Hold my hand, Mother,
the trees are too tall,
I can't find my way out.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

On my own

For the last couple of weeks now I've been posting on the F BombCast blog. It was good practice since I've never blogged before and was having difficulty starting. The F BombCast is a podcast on which I find myself as a frequent guest (ok, only 2 out of 6 shows, but still that's a third). The main hosts are my best friend TJ and new buddy Mike. I've been tagged with the responsibility of doing the weekly show recap. Luckily, I have a job that I don't particularly care about, so killing a few hours listening and taking notes during the day is not a problem.

In doing the recap and working on my blogging chops, I've decided to finally start my own blog. It doesn't feel write using the podcasts blog to vent. It's not my own space. There are 3 other guys posting besides and I need my shit to shine even if it stinks.

So now I've got my forum. I'm on my own. I still haven't a clue what to write about yet, but I'm going to write all the same.